YKL- KH-777 Heavy Duty Empty Fruit Bunch Press

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    Model : KH-777
    Machine : Heavy Duty Empty Fruit Bunch Press
    Capacity : 7 – 8 MT of EFB/Hour
    Gear Reducer : SEW Model M3PSF60KPD
    Motor : Elektrim 75kw/1,000rpm
    Moisture Content : 45% – 50% (Direct Press)
    42% – 48% (Indirect Pressed)
    Oil Content in Fibre : 1.2% – 1.9% on sample (wet basis)
    Dimension : H 1,900 x L 4, 015 x W 1,580mm
    Weight : 8,000kgs
    Function : To squeeze out the juice for oil recovery and reduce the moisture content.
    Patent Info : (M) Patent No : MY-140402-A

    Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) produced from the palm oil mill process with moisture content of 60% to 65% is hardly suitable to be utilized for commercial purposes. We have introduced this KH-777 Heavy Duty EFB Press to extract and remove the pressed juice from EFB and produce EFB fibres with moisture content of 42% to 50%, which can be used on raw materials for biomass compost, boiler fuel and etc. Besides that, the press juice recovered contains a small percentage of sludge oil, which can be marketed as a by-product.


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