textima BioMicroGel Oil Extraction

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    Oil extraction in the palm oil industry has been facing oil losses as a main problem. Most of the company was trying to reduce the number of oil losses. The oil losses percentage in the oil extraction process is 1,2 – 3 %. In the oil extraction process, optimizing the product and its quality can be achieved by reducing the oil losses. BioMicroGel provides the natural compounds that can help to reduce the oil losses to 0,5%.

    BioMicroGel designs special microgels based primarily on natural material such as cellulose and pectin from apple pulp and sunflower heads. The microgels cover pollutants with a polymer film, effectively binding them together so that the jelly-like mass can easily be removed from water. After passing through sewage systems to open waters, biomicrogels dissolve in just a few days.

    Environmentally Friendly – 100% Biodegradable, Easy To Use


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