Solid Fuel Memberane Wall (SFMW) Boiler

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    It is 2-drums designed with 3-horizontal passes. The first pass comprises a well defined furnace and a radiation room where the segregation of coarse fly ash takes place. The second and third pass contain the evaporator bank and the superheater that protects from overheating.

    Our water tube boiler equips with membrane wall and a water-cooled grate, either as a Fixed Grate, Dumping Grate or VibroGrate.

    Key Features

    • No use refractory

    • Low maintenance cost

    • Gas-tight design

    • Efficient combustion process

    • Less heat accumulation that allows a fast start-up and reaction to the load changes

    • A better boiler operation control

    • New fuel feeding design

    • New combustion air system design

    • Custom-engineered design upon customer requirement


    • Kernel shells, Palm fiber, Wood chips, Coal

    • Shaving, Sawdusts, Gas and others (consult)

    Typical Industrial

    • Palm oil mills, Sugar Mill, Refinery

    • Rubber Processing, Power Plant, Power Generation


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