HCTI Steam Turbine Generator

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    Steam Turbine Generator

    Hangzhou Steam Turbine Group has over five decades of experiences in design and develop the steam turbine generator. The steam turbine of Hangzhou has delivered worldwide more than 12000 units and still counting. Supported by advance technology and under strict quality control, we produce the best products.

    Hangzhou steam turbine manufacturer applies higher security and technology to achieve the best performance to satisfy the customer.

    The characteristics of Hangzhou Steam Turbine:

    1. The speed control systems adopt WOODWARD 505 digital governor and Germany VIOTH electro-hydraulic actuators converter also the combination of Hangzhou hydraulic actuators technology which are in accordance with the standardization of GB/T5578-2007 (National standard specification of power plant turbine specification) and strictly following the IEC60045-1:1991 standard.
    2. Adjusting security system adopts Hangzhou hydraulic actuators and quick closing valve system which the steam distributing valve and the extraction valve are automatically closing in the same time within 0.5 second in emergency state.
    3. Our product is strictly in accordance with IEC60045-1:1991 and ISO9001:2008 standard and supported by advanced design technology, could optimize the technical scheme selection and increase the steam turbine inner efficiency until 84.5%.
    4. By using integrated oil station, the oil system components such as oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler, etc. are combined in a public foundation, so occupied less space, easy to be installed and simple to be operated.
    5. The condenser of condensing steam turbine adopts integration and combined type. Condenser pipes have been installed at the manufacture and using diffusion type of exhaust port, keep the steam received uniformity and improve the efficiency of the heat exchange.
    6. The adjusting system on high temperature & pressure type of steam turbine adopt EH fire resistant oil system, completely eradicate fire caused by the leakage of high pressure oil, improving the safety performance of steam turbine.
    7. Steam turbine have to passing no-load thermal performance testing in Manufacturer to ensure the mechanical and speed.
    8. Due to different type of steam turbine’s rotor, high- speed dynamic balance test as 115% of rated speed, to ensure the strength of the rotor and blade. The vibration requirements, after high speed dynamic balance test, the dynamic balance accuracy ≤ 2.5 mm/s2.



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